PGR10111: Development of bacterial biofertilizers for Coffea canephora

Italy – Viet Nam project for the Development of bacterial biofertilizers

As part of the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement between Italy and Vietnam, the project “PGR10111: Development of bacterial biofertilizers for Coffea canephora (C. robusta)” was finalised in December 2023.

The project has been co-financed by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs MAECI and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Viet Nam MOST.

Dr. Vittorio Venturi, ICGEB Scientific Coordinator and Group Leader of the Bacteriology lab in Trieste, Italy, explains “The rhizospheric microbiomes of coffee plants were analysed and guided us towards the choice of several bacterial species that were isolated and characterised both in Italy and Vietnam.”

“Now,”, he continues, “also thanks to the involvement of private stakeholders, we are evaluating their potential support for the growth of coffee plants to achieve a reduction in the use of chemical fertilisers.”

The preliminary results are encouraging and lay the foundation for a long-lasting collaboration between ICGEB and SFRI (Soil and Fertilizer Research Institute, Hanoi, Viet Nam).