International Conference “Pandemic preparedness – Achievements, current challenges, and new frontiers”

Organised by the Area Science Park, in conjunction with the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), in the frame of PRP@CERIC project

11 – 13 November 2024, Trieste, Italy

An overview of recent pathogen research findings, methodologies, instruments, and multidisciplinary approaches functional to pandemic preparedness.

The International Conference “Pandemic preparedness: Achievements, current challenges, and new frontiers” involves world-renowned scientists with the aim of providing an overview of known and emerging viruses representing a potential epidemic risk.

It focuses on prevention, surveillance, detection, drug discovery, treatment, and cooperation, to tackle challenges and implementing response strategies related to the threat posed by potential pandemic outbreaks.

The scientific event, attracting international experts from different disciplines applied to the study of pathogens, such as Artificial intelligence, virology, structural biology, genomics, data management, clinical diagnostics, infectious diseases and zoonoses, supports knowledge sharing and networking, encouraging the development of broad synergies and multidisciplinary cooperation.


  • Emerging and re-emerging viruses with pandemic potential
  • Risk of viral zoonoses and its mitigation
  • Diagnostics, surveillance and capacity building in resources limited settings
  • Immunization and preventive approaches
  • Drug discovery: stocking the shelves for the next pandemic
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity when dealing with viral infections
  • Multidisciplinary approaches, infrastructure, and cooperation
  • Future challenges in pandemic preparedness

Scientific Committee

Technical-Organizational Support


Nationals of ICGEB Member States may apply for financial support to attend this conference, sending an E-mail to [email protected] attaching a motivation letter outlining the specific interest to attend, and an abstract focused on unpublished material.

Participants are encouraged to have a valid national passport when applying for the conference and necessary authorization for participation.

18th March 2024
: Registration and abstract submission open
15th June 2024: Deadline for ICGEB grant application
15th July 2024: Deadline for abstract submission
7th August 2024: Notification of acceptance or rejection to submitting Authors
31st August 2024: Deadline for presenting Authors and EARLY registration
31st October 2024: Deadline for REGULAR registration