In Nature this week: Federica Benvenuti on ‘Where I work’

Federica Benvenuti form ICGEB Trieste, has been interviewed by the Journal Nature for the Where I work article series.

Federica Benvenuti, leader of the Cellular Immunology Group at ICGEB Trieste, recently released an interview for publication in the Where I work editorial column of the Nature journal.

In this story, Federica shares with us her passion for immunology and talks about her research on dendritic cells – which she calls sentinel cells because of their early role in the immune response.

She also talks about her novel research on the role of the immune system in fighting tumor cells. To her, ICGEB is both her work place and training ground for new scientists who come from Member States around the world to nurture their passion for research – and for immunology.

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Read the full article in Nature.