Tuesday 5 April 2022 | 12:00 noon – Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Global Regulatory Strategist, International Development of Regulatory Globalization (IDRG)

International Cooperation to bring Biopesticides to African Farmers

(Host D. Ndolo)

Around the world, regulatory authorities struggle to cope with the ever growing workload in the approval of biological and chemical pesticides. Even the G20 only manage a fraction of the work they would have to accomplish to create a level playing-field in food production and food trade. The consequences are food losses and food destruction in the millions of tons. World hunger can not be alleviated with the current system. The problem is known for over 30 years and is being addressed by OECD since 1994. One of the goals of these activities is to replace the country by country product approval processes by workshares between countries. There are many success stories that have been accomplished in Global Joint Reviews (GJR) that have been conducted by the authorities in Australia, Japan, EU, US, Canada, etc. So far no African country participated in the GJRs. The reason is the lack of resources in terms of number of scientists. GJR participants enter 50-100 scientists into the process while most African governments find it difficult to provide more than 10. However, Africa can use the tools that have been developed by OECD and are available free of charge to conduct Pan- African Joint Review (AJR). In this seminar we will look at the GJR and AJR and will apply the system to a virtual approval of a biopesticide.