ICGEB-WHO Biomanufacturing Training for LMICS 

12 – 23 December 2022, Trieste, Italy

Training explanation

The curriculum will comprise a comprehensive coverage of the QMS and GMP standards,
guidelines and practices pivotal to the establishment of biomanufacturing that will help trainees to
understand the basic principles, approaches and terminology before starting practical training in
the laboratories.


  • Corrado Guarnaccia, PhD, molecular biologist
  • Michela Terdoslavich, PhD, pharmaceutical chemist
  • Suzana Aulic, PhD, pharmaceutical chemist
  • Sulena Polez, BSc, biologist
  • Ventsislav Zlatev, MSc, chemist
  • Monica Poggianella, MSc, biologist
  • Natasa Skoko, PhD, molecular biologist, Group Leader of the BDU will supervise the whole initiative, with the support of ICGEB relevant offices.