TYAN International Thematic Workshop. ICGEB-TYAN Natural Bioactive Compounds – Antimicrobials / Drug Discovery 

10 – 11 October 2022, Trieste, Italy

TYAN (TWAS Young Affiliates Network) and ICGEB (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) Workshop on natural bioactive products with focus on natural antimicrobials 


  • Antimicrobial resistance a global threat of growing concern 
  • Limited number of new antibiotics in the pipeline  
  • Shift in mentality towards favoring natural products for treatment 
  • Natural antimicrobial compounds may have different mechanisms of action compared to synthetic compounds and hence may lead to less resistance 
  • Biodiversity Loss due to climate change and its impact on natural sources and remedies  

Objectives of meeting 

  • To establish a network among scientists in the field of natural antimicrobial compounds and important key players 
  • To launch a series of hybrid workshops for TWAS Young Affiliates and scientists in drug discovery and medicinal biotechnology related to this field 


To provide a platform to increase knowledge in the antimicrobial activity of natural bioactive compounds to build multidisciplinary and international collaborations. The specific objectives are: 

  • To provide a platform to exchange ideas and establish interactions between TWAS Young Affiliates and ICGEB experts  
  • To gain knowledge on the status of research in specific thematic areas and build capacity in natural drug discovery 
  • To identify niche areas of natural antimicrobial research that will facilitate cross-border scientific collaborations within specific thematic areas  
  • To initiate collaboration to address regional issues particularly in the areas of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG)