ICGEB – TWAS/UNESCO Strengthen their Partnership

The ICGEB and UNESCO – through The World Academy of Sciences TWAS, in Italy – sign an agreement to strengthen their common actions and to build capacity in biotechnology and related fields.

On 22 June 2020, at the ICGEB Headquarters in Trieste, Italy, Dr. Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General and Prof. Romain Murenzi, TWAS Executive Director, will sign the Memorandum of Understanding to implement joint activities.

The ICGEB and TWAS/UNESCO share the aim of building capacity in the area of biotechnology and related fields worldwide. The two Trieste-based institutes have agreed to collaborate in the implementation of joint activities, including grant proposals, conferences, courses, exchange programmes, and fellowships, with a special focus on Least Developed Countries (LDC), women scientists and the African continent.

Joint activities will take place in the strategic areas of biotechnology and related fields, aiming to meet the Strategic Development Goals linked to health, food and energy security, and gender equality. This will be done by fostering cooperation on the promotion of exchange programmes for visiting experts and researchers, both from and to ICGEB’s laboratories and its Regional and Affiliated Centres, thereby promoting South-South and North-South cooperation.

The two Institutes also agree to implement a joint fellowship programme for postdoctoral researchers in biotechnology and related topics with special consideration being given to women from Africa. The awardees can be hosted at one of ICGEB’s three laboratories in Italy, India or South Africa, or at one of its Affiliated or Regional Research Centres.

Lawrence Banks states: “The ICGEB and TWAS are at the forefront for promoting international scientific diplomacy and cooperation and we share many of the same goals – using science for development and ensuring that the fruits of modern molecular biology can improves the lives of our populations all over the world. This coming together of ICGEB and TWAS is perfect synergy and will greatly strengthen each of our own programmes and ensure that we fulfil our noble missions.”    

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ICGEB – TWAS/UNESCO Strengthen their Partnership
ICGEB – TWAS/UNESCO Rafforzano il loro partenariato