ICGEB Meetings and Courses

Awareness Workshops – providing opportunities for young scientists

ICGEB Awareness Workshops provide information and advice on how to apply for different ICGEB activities (grants, fellowships, meetings and courses). Seven such Workshops have been held to date: in Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Montenegro, Romania, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

Awareness Workshops are conducted by Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General, and/or Vittorio Venturi, ICGEB Scientific Coordinator, in collaboration with ICGEB’s Appointed Governors and Scientific Liaison Officers in the hosting country. The workshops aim to provide an opportunity for local scientists to learn directly about ICGEB’s programmes and possibilities for funding.

The workshops also provide a forum in which to explain the criteria that are important for successful applications. They have proven not only highly popular, but also extremely successful in raising the number and quality of the applications received by ICGEB, as well as increasing engagement with our Member States. On average Workshops involve between 50-60 participants.

The next ICGEB Awareness Workshop will be held in January 2020, in Havana, Cuba, by Vittorio Venturi, where an ICGEB delegation comprising Oscar Burrone, Asif Mohmmed and Natasa Skoko will be taking part in a vast networking visit.

The ICGEB Call for Proposals for Meetings and Courses to be held in 2021 is currently open. Apply for funding now: