(L-R): Luis Ventura, Cornell Alliance; PhD Tomasz Zimny, SLU; PhD Dennis Eriksson, SLU; Aysegul Sirakaya, Ghent University; André Rosado, ICGEB.

ICGEB Programme Specialist in Sweden

André Rosado, Programme Specialist in the ICGEB Regulatory Science Group was at the Department of Plant Breeding of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences as part of a Mistra-funded programme to support mobility for young researchers.

During his 2.5 month stay, André carried out a stakeholder consultation, focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean, to map R&D of products derived from new breeding technologies as well as the national regulatory approaches and implementing measures on these products.

André worked closely with PhD Dennis Eriksson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and with colleagues from Cornell Alliance and Ghent University. A wonderful opportunity.

The Group working on Biosafety focusses on GMOs, biosecurity, regulation, capacity enhancement, technical assistance, products of modern biotechnology and training.