Mr. Faizel Slamang, Thandokhulu High School,

ICGEB Outreach South Africa

ICGEB Cape Town enjoys a lasting and fruitful relationship with Thandokhulu High School, Mowbray, Cape Town. This month we hear from Faizel Slamang, Life Sciences Teacher.

“ICGEB has given our learners who attend the outreach events a better appreciation of science and how it can affect their daily lives. Most of them come from working-class families and may never have thought about careers as researchers.

The visits to the ICGEB laboratories have allowed them to meet and see scientists working in their respective areas of expertise. The various experiments set up for them are linked to their school curriculum. This makes it easy for them to quickly understand the aim of the activity.

It has sparked an interest in an area they might never have considered before. Many of them return to school excited to share their new knowledge with their friends. It is an excellent way to introduce them to biological research. I ensure that half of the learners who attend are girls and I hope that these visits will inspire them to consider careers in STEM.”

Brandy Duna and Emihle Citiza, from Thandokhulu High School, Cape Town, participate in the School Outreach Programme at ICGEB in South Africa