ICGEB with Foldscope in Limpopo

ICGEB Outreach brings Foldscope magic to South Africa’s Limpopo Province

On Saturday, 26th of August 2022 , ICGEB Cape Town scientists participated in the Phiriphiri Educational Foundation Career Expo Day in Fondwe Village, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Bringing the magic of the Foldscope to approximately 400 school learners, ICGEB scientists together with other South African science and technology institutions spent a full day at Phiriphiri Secondary School. In addition to running a hands-on Foldscope workshop, ICGEB also donated Foldscopes to the participating schools for use in their Science classes and STEM related activities.

‘The ICGEB participation, presence and presentation has inspired our youth who desperately need access to tools in science, technology and innovation. There was as expected, a lot of excitement including amongst the teachers and they are looking forward to making full use of the Foldscopes.’ Phiriphiri Educational Foundation Team

The ICGEB continues to be actively engaged in the dissemination of science for the public. Our scientists, staff and students participate in science fairs and events and voluntarily support local, national and international outreach activities, thereby enriching our work, deepening our contribution to the wider society, and aligning our mission to our environment.

The Cape Town Component looks forward to building a lasting and fruitful relationship with the Phiriphiri Educational Foundation and thanks the Foundation for inviting the ICGEB to be part of this activity.