ICGEB Open Day 2018

On Saturday, 16 June 2018, ICGEB Trieste opens its laboratories to the public. 

Volunteers from across the organisation staff the event and participate in working to broaden our research and training culture.

  • Who are we? What do we do?
  • How do we use fruit flies (Drosofila) in the study of neurological pathologies?
  • Normal and cancerogenous cells – under the microscope
  • Grow bacteria in different environments 
  • The lab and lab equipment explained
  • Freely available scientific movies produced at ICGEB: https://www.icgeb.org/itunes.html

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For Information and registration: https://www.areasciencepark.it/2018-open-day

Follow us and contribute on social media: #ICGEBOpenDay