Manipulating the immune system to defeat cancer

Federica Benvenuti, ICGEB Cellular Immunology Group Leader, was invited speaker at the XVII International Congress NIBIT (“Network Italiano per la Bioterapia dei Tumori”), in Verona, Italy held from 11-13 October 2019.

In Verona, together with James Patrick Allison, 2018 Nobel Prize 2018 for Medicine, Federica Benvenuti presented her Group’s recent findings, where studies have enabled the identification of immuno-checkpoints that regulate the immune response, thereby opening the way to immuno-oncology in the fight against cancer.

Thanks also to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AIRC, and others, Federica Benvenuti, ICGEB Trieste collaborates on bringing forward innovative therapies in the field.

Further information on the research activities of the Cellular Immunology Group is available on our site. as well as the contact for Federica Benvenuti, should you wish to support this research project.

Press releases:
10 Oct 2019: La Repubblica: Manipolare il sistema immunitario