ICGEB online donations

ICGEB was founded to play a key role in Biotechnology worldwide to harness the power of Science and new Technologies to enhance the quality of peoples’ lives worldwide. There is so much more to our Mission than our award-winning, cutting-edge research: we aim to change lives using Science for Development.

How do we change lives using Science for Development?

  • Supporting the training of young scientists from our Member countries through PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowships.
  • Supporting increasing diversity and equality for women in science and other underrepresented groups.
  • Supporting the best science in the Global South to increase local research capacity and innovation adapted to local needs.
  • Supporting research and innovation collaborations, especially South-South, in our Member countries.
  • Reversing brain-drain, by supporting young scientists to set up their own research programmes in their home countries.
  • Bringing together scientists and policymakers from diverse backgrounds together at our Meetings and Courses
  • Spreading the word through our Outreach programmes for schools and for the broader public that Science is cool, Science is fun, Science takes us forward.

Now it’s easy to donate through a fully secure link to PayPal. It’s even possible to create an automatic monthly contribution. Donors can choose to direct their contributions to ICGEB programmes, where they will be used to support Research, specifically Covid-19, or other infectious or non-communicable diseases, medical, industrial, plant science, education and training, and outreach activities. Other ways to donate include donations via bank transfer.

Donations from partners and friends who share our mission are a direct investment in building sustainable scientific skill and strength in countries that need it most.