ICGEB-JRC Workshop “Genome Editing Applications and Beyond”

From 19-22 November 2019, ICGEB and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission, held the international Workshop in the AREA Science Park in Trieste, Italy, with more than 15 experts presenting scientific, ethical, legal and regulatory aspects of this cutting-edge technology.

During the first two days of the Workshop, the opportunities and challenges of genome editing have been analysed. Subsequently, selected participants had the opportunity to discuss and apply genome editing techniques in the context of research projects involving bacteria, plants and bioexperimentation.

With experts from across Europe (Italy, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia) and also Africa (Nigeria) and Asia (India and Thailand), the Workshop aimed to provide an update on genome editing techniques as well as a platform to compare the way in which the technology is perceived, used and regulated in different countries.

Among the speakers: Anna Cereseto, University of Trento, expert in the field of viruses used as vectors for gene therapy; Roberto Galizi, Imperial College London, UK, pioneer in the use of genome editing and control of infectious diseases through animal vectors such as mosquitos and tics; Rishi Tyagi, Asia Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology and Bioresources APAARI, Tanushri Kaul, Nutritional Improvement of Crops Group Leader, ICGEB New Delhi, Mauro Giacca, King’s College London, UK and ICGEB Trieste expert on genome editing for therapy of diseases, Andrés Muro and Vittorio Venturi of ICGEB Trieste, on genome editing applications in biomedical research and bacteria, respectively.