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ICGEB joins top European Technology Transfer Offices

The European Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) Circle has approved the membership of the ICGEB to its network.

The Board of the European Technology Transfer Offices Circle has approved the membership of the ICGEB to Europe’s most important research technology transfer network. The TTO Circle was established in Grenoble in 2011 on the initiative of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and brings together the major public research organisations throughout Europe, comprising, at present, the 31 “research giants” that include 198,349 scientists, 5,243 software platforms, 34,338 patents and 4,143 start-ups. These include European intergovernmental organisations, such as CERN and the European Space Agency. The network operates in close collaboration with the principal European associations active in the field of technology transfer, such as WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organisation), EARTO (the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations), and the ASTP-Proton (Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals).

The TTO Circle has been entrusted by the European Union with the role of guiding change in European technology transfer; ICGEB will contribute by bringing a global perspective to the Circle and by making its international experience in the sector available to members.

Technology transfer for sustainable development is one of the pillars of ICGEB’s activity. For over 30 years the Organisation has assisted its members with the transfer of knowledge and technologies related to genetic engineering and biotechnology. Of particular interest to the TTO Circle is the support provided to Member States to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and the activity of the Centre for the development of innovative technologies and protocols for the production and quality control of biosimilar pharmaceuticals.

“The interconnected nature of the challenges faced by developing countries and Europe alike entails the need to build strategic partnerships to effectively address and resolve challenges.” said ICGEB Director-General Lawrence Banks. “This important recognition of the role of ICGEB in Europe and globally, further encourages us to create a system to maximise the effectiveness of our research activities. I am sure that this partnership will contribute to the enhancement, not only of ICGEB, but of the entire regional and national scientific system ”.

The network aims to increase the impact of public-funded research and to strengthen Europe’s ability to create innovative products and services for the market. The activities of the TTO-CIRCLE focus, in particular, on the definition of new financial instruments and support for technology transfer, the reduction of barriers to joint exploitation of patents and know-how, and on the promotion of collaboration in the field of research and innovation. Members of the TTO Circle already collaborate on various topics of mutual interest, including strengthening the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in research centres through targeted training, the exchange of personnel, and the sharing of good practices in the field.

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