ICGEB in South Africa for SFSA2018 to celebrate Italy-SA science cooperation

Mauro Giacca, ICGEB Director-General was in South Africa last week to represent the ICGEB and its efforts in biotechnology development in the country over more than a decade. 

During Science Forum South Africa in Pretoria, 12-14 December 2018, Prof. Mauro Giacca headed a delegation representing the ICGEB and its activities in SA since 2004. 

South Africa’s membership in the ICGEB quickly led to the establishment of a Component of the organisation in 2007. Currently headed by Dr. Luiz Zerbini, Brazil, ICGEB Cape Town’s leading scientists include Dr. Frank Brombacher, Germany and Dr. Dennis Ndolo, Kenya.

A strategic partner organisation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ICGEB Cape Town is funded by the DST, Ministry of Science and Technology of South Africa. The Component runs a PhD Programme in collaboration with the University of Cape Town, organises scientific Meetings and Courses to enhance training and education and awards grants to support Principal Investigators in SA institutions to promote scientific excellence.

The Director-General and staff from ICGEB Cape Town participate annually in the Science Forum South Africa in Pretoria, a major forum for science diplomacy, igniting conversations about science particularly with a view to the role of biotechnology for African development.

“Morning Live” SA National Television, with Mauro Giacca at SFSA 2018