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ICGEB for Gender & Science, Technology and Innovation Initiatives

ICGEB features in the UN Interagency Task Team on STI for SDGs – to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls SDG5

Working with ten other UN specialised agencies, ICGEB has contributed to the latest publication on SDG5 – Gender Equality.

A key objective of the ICGEB Fellowship Programmes, for example is ensuringthe rights of women scientists to participate in research activities by promoting and realising gender equality. Beyond this, ICGEB provides positive role models for young girls wishing to pursue a career in science or science diplomacy and is striving to reach a positive gender balance in its key scientific roles.

The brochure produced by the UN showcases select initiatives within the United Nations UN system on gender and science, technology and innovation to empower women and girls through various areas of action that include capacity building, information sharing, policy setting and awareness raising.