Emanuele Buratti Elena Cattaneo Senato Roma

ICGEB for AIMFT at the Italian Senate

Member of the Italian Association for Frontotemporal Disease AIMFT, Emanuele Buratti, Molecular Pathology Group Leader, met with Prof. Elena Cattaneo, Italian Senator for Life, at the Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome this week.

On 25 September 2019, a delegation from AIMFT comprising Founding Partner, Marco Cola, Vice-President, Laura Invernizzi and members of the Scientific Council, including our own Emanuele Buratti, met with Elena Cattaneo at the Italian Senate.

The meeting took place in the context of the recent law relating to the disposal of post mortem tissue, education, and scientific research, approved by the Senate in April this year, and in particular, how the law might be of help for patients suffering from Frontotemporal Disease by contributing to research in this field.

Emanuele Buratti is a prominent scientist in this area of research as well as an active presence in related initiatives for the broader community.

Further information on the research activities of the Molecular Pathology Group is available on our site. as well as the contact for Emanuele Buratti, should you wish to support this research project.