"The ICGEB is an incredibly close-knit community - everything we do is intimately dependent upon the support and effort of all our colleagues."

ICGEB enters its 5th decade

Any opportunity to bring the ICGEB constituency together is momentous: such as the ICGEB alumni meeting held in New Delhi in November 2023.

Happy New Year to you all! In December 2023, ICGEB personnel from Trieste, New Delhi, Cape Town, and colleagues in Taizhou came together to hear Dr. Lawrence Banks’ end of year address:

“The science in ICGEB drives everything we do – and this year has been outstanding across all of ICGEB – brilliant, original science, amazing training and mentoring, and incredible success with grants all promoting ICGEB’s activities on a global scale.”

“All of this is made possible by an incredible collaborative effort that involves every single person working in ICGEB. We are an incredibly close-knit community” confirmed Dr. Banks, “everything we do is intimately dependent upon support and efforts of all our colleagues, who serve ICGEB’s mission, which is in turn to address the needs and desires of 68 Member countries.”

The success of the ICGEB, he stressed, is best exemplified by the attitudes of our Host countries, Italy, India and South Africa, and indeed by all our Member States that have expressed satisfaction with our efforts and rejoiced in our success and in our ability to deliver on their respective agendas for Biotechnology. “Our efforts span from addressing hunger, providing affordable and effective healthcare, strengthening economies and aiding the transition to self reliance and economic growth, to strengthening international cooperation, collaboration and science diplomacy.”

“ICGEB remains unique as an Organisation that has the capacity to meet such disparate needs and deliver across such a wide portfolio. What we do directly impacts upon the quality of life in countries across the globe. The collective acclaim from our Members at the recent Board session represents the affirmation of all of our attitudes and approach to our collective mission.”

ICGEB members from around the globe came together in December for the address by the Director-General.