Estonia 2019

ICGEB Director-General’s exploratory visit to Estonia

Scientific collaboration has led to a visit by the ICGEB Director-General, Lawrence Banks, to Tallinn, Estonia and opened discussions with the Ministry, the private sector and scientific institutes for possible membership in the Organisation.

On the occasion of his visit, Dr. Banks presented a seminar on “Human Papillomaviruses: from Infectious Entry to Malignancy”, at the University of Tartu, Estonia’s National University, in the context of the dissertation presented by Estonian national, Eva-Maria Tombak, PhD, Icosagen.

It is hoped that synergies across European scientific and technological institutes with Ministries will hail future developments in the direction of membership with the ICGEB.

Benefits from membership in the ICGEB, which 13 European nations currently enjoy, includes belonging to a vast network of excellence across Europe and all world regions to promote science, education, technology transfer, and to address sustainable global development.

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