ICGEB Regulatory Science eLearning Showcase on line

A protfolio of curriculum-based modules encompassing the biosafety of genetically modified organisms, and related matters in biosecurity, public health, natural resource managament, biocontrol and bioremediation has been launched by the Regulatory Science Group at ICGEB.

Wendy Craig, Regulatory Science Group Leader introduces the ICGEB eLearning Programme: The Portfolio offers an interactive learning experience that actively engages users through dynamic videos, interactive tests, exercises with reinforcement feedback and illustrative case studies.

The Portfolio is made available to various audiences through a password-protected portal that delivers the course content, administers preliminary and final exams, and provides the administrative infrastructure to register users and track their progress through the modules.

This is the most recent addition to a host of projects and online resources by the Biosafety Group for its work on Biosafety, GMOs, biosecurity, public health, natural resource management, biocontrol, bioremediation and training.