Trieste Next

ICGEB at Trieste Next and European Researchers’ Night 2019

ICGEB will be out participating in events in Trieste for European Researchers’ #SharperNight in Trieste, and from 27-29 September for the 8th edition of #TriesteNext

This September, ICGEB participates in Sharper, European Researchers’ Night in Trieste (together with 370 European cities), proposing Foldscope: the paper microscope that you construct in 7 minutes that costs less than 3 Euro but can enlarge an image 2000 times. “A wonderful, low cost and high yield instrument that brings cellular biology to schools and the public worldwide. Not only educational, it also represents a tool for diagnostics in the field.” Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General bore witness to the huge success of Foldscope in Cape Town for South Africa Science Week in August this year and this year, ICGEB brings Foldscope to the FVG Region.

At the ICGEB stand in Piazza Unità, Trieste, practical demonstrations and insights to the wonders of Foldscope will be held for school groups for Sharper, and to the general public during Trieste Next.

On Saturday, 28 September at 6 pm – don’t miss “Trieste Science & the City Young” – how to grow a healthy heart, Area Talk, Piazza Unità with Serena Zacchigna (“Comunicando per crescere in salute – progetto CURIoSA”), Giorgio Faganella, cardiologist and medical doctor, Director, Sports Medicine and Francesco Loffredo, cardiologist and researcher who studies the process of aging. Special guest appearance by the Trieste band: Sindrome di MA.

Try the ICGEB Escape Room challenge: chemical formulas, amino acid sequencing and other molecular biology techniques using “Artificial Intelligence”, focusing on the historical project on the sequencing of the yeast genome.

The ICGEB stand will also feature laboratory and surgery Virtual Reality experiences – thanks to the Interregional ITA-SLO TRAIN project on Big Data and disease models . Try your hand at new technologies innovating biomedicine and transferring research results to industry .

Of the almost 600 Italian researchers and students who will be travelling to Trieste from around Italy to participate in Next, 60 will be hosted by the Bacteriology lab at ICGEB on Friday, 27 September.

Meet our researcher Giulia Bortolussi, Mouse Molecular Genetics, at Street Science who will discuss CureCN: an EU-funded project on a rare genetic disease Crigler-Najjar (Friday, 27 September at 6.15 pm, under the portico of the Town Hall, Piazza Unità).

Meet Mike Myers, Protein Networks, for the UN Bioethics Committee and tell him what Genome Editing means to you!

All this and more at Trieste Next this year.

Public Engagement activities are integral to the ICGEB mission and are carried out across three Continents through the activities organised by the students and researchers active in our laboratories in Trieste, New Delhi and Cape Town. ICGEB Outreach activities include school visits, webinars, live streaming and podcasts, participation in Science fairs, museum projects, and science communication initiatives.