ICGEB exploring potential collaborations with Human Technopole

On 15 October 2019, Iain Mattaj, Director, Fondazione Human Technopole, Milan, was at ICGEB Trieste to present a seminar and to pursue discussions, together with Maria Grazia Magro, Head of Strategy and Scientific Affairs, with the ICGEB Management Team to explore synergies and possibilities for joint, future collaboration.

“Technological advances over the past decade have transformed opportunities for research in human systems as well as on models with direct relevance to human biology, thereby boosting possibilities for scientists to develop improved, more targeted strategies for promoting human health and healthy ageing”, indicates Mattaj.

The Human Technopole, a new institute for life science research that is being established in Milan, “has the goal to develop stratified approaches to improve patient care (personalised medicine) and quality of life.”

Further, “Research at the Human Technopole will take a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to health and ageing by integrating cutting-edge technologies with basic and translational science, starting with critical areas including genomics, computational biology, structural biology and neuroscience. “

The ICGEB, which operates 46 research labs across three continents, many of which employ technologies of relevance for Human Technopole, is interested in expanding its activity in Italy across these areas and, together with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Research, Health and Finance, it is hoped that concrete collaboration will be forthcoming.

Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General, comments “ICGEB could certainly play an important role in assisting Human Technopole given its expertise in promoting and directing major international research networks.”

Right: Alessandro Marcello, PhD Coordinator and Group Leader, Molecular Virology, Maria Grazia Magro, Head of Strategy and Scientific Affairs, HT, Marianna Maculan, Chief, External Relations, Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General, Iain Mattaj, Director HT, Serena Zacchigna, Group Leader, Cardiovascular Biology, Martina Viviani, Head, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Fundraising