Rebeca Fuzinatto, Bacteriology Group, ICGEB Trieste presents the startup STRAINS4PLANTS at BioInItaly 2021

ICGEB at BioInItaly 2021 investment forum

Strains4Plants” ICGEB entrepreneurship idea, presented by Rebeca Fuzzinato, Bacteriology Group, wins the startup competition at BioInItaly 2021

BioInItaly, the national investment forum for innovation in the Life Sciences, was in Trieste on 3 Februrary 2021. ICGEB was there to showcase the industrial applications of its current research activities.

Presenting an overview of ICGEB’s research activities for industry, Martina Viviani, Head, Fundraising, Technology Transfer and Innovation, further introduced Natasa Skoko, head of the Biotechnology Development Unit in Trieste and showcased a video with interviews of Group Leaders Alessandro Marcello, Molecular Virology, and Serena Zacchigna, Cardiovascular Biology.

The winning entrepreneurship idea “Strains4Plants” was presented by Rebeca Fuzzinato, Bacteriology Group, ICGEB Trieste, who explained that bacteria are increasingly commercially applied in agriculture to enhance crop and vegetable yield to reduce the use of harmful agrochemicals.

The event was held at the Urban Center, recently established by the business sector in Trieste, including Bio4Dreams, Biovalley Investments, Polo Tecnologico Pordenone, and RnBGate.

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