ICGEB Annual Report 2018 Cover

ICGEB Annual Report 2018

Preview and download the latest Annual Report on the results of the past year: Scientific results from 46 laboratories across three Continents.

The year in review has been presented at the 25th session of the ICGEB Board of Governors in Trieste, on 21-22 May 2019. Highlights include scientific research results from across the ICGEB’s 46 laboratories working collectively in the fields of Infectious Diseases, Non-communicative Diseases, Medical Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Plant Biology and Biotechnology.

Founded in 1983 and fully operational since 1987, the ICGEB has 3 Component laboratories with 600 scientific personnel and 65 Full member States. There were 320 Fellows on board in 2018 (of whom 167 in the process of completing their PhD).

ICGEB has worked towards the advancement of education and knowledge in the Life Sciences, funding and organising over 30 scientific Meetings and Courses world-wide in 2018 alone (almost 600 since the Organisation began) and has funded 525 CRP-Research Grants to laboratories in Member States.

In addition, the ICGEB’s Outreach activities are pursued through a global network that contributes to a vibrant scientific community, disseminating knowledge and passion for science.