Genome Editing at ICGEB

ICGEB Webinar on Genome Editing for the UN Inter-Agency Committee on Bioethics (UNIACB)

ICGEB is pleased to contribute to International Bioethics week, 14-19 October 2019, in collaboration with UNESCO, WHO, the European Commission, and all Members and Associated Members of the United Nations Inter-Agency Committee on Bioethics.

On Tuesday, 15 October, the ICGEB Webinar entitled “Genome Editing – Facts and Implications” took place, with our scientists discussing state-of-the-art genome editing in bacteria (Vittorio Venturi), plants (Tanushri Kaul), animals (Andrès Muro) and humans (Serena Zacchigna). The Webinar is now available on YouTube.

The UNIACB published short interviews with policymakers, experts and the general public on what Bioethics means to them and how it impacts their everyday life and work. Michael P. Myers, Protein Networks at ICGEB Trieste, moderated both events.

Monday, 14 October: ICGEB video on Bioethics with Emanuele Buratti
Tuesday, 15 October: ICGEB video on Bioethics with Andrés Muro
Wednesday, 16 October: ICGEB video on Bioethics with Michael P. Myers
Thursday, 17 October: Bioethics for an international high-school student
Friday, 18 October: ICGEB video on Bioethics with Serena Zacchigna

ICGEB focuses on the impact of bioethics in science and society and collaborates with the World Health Organization’s panel on Genome Editing and supports the panel’s goal to bring a framework for regulating this revolutionary technology and especially the core values of transparency, inclusivity, and responsibility that will be instrumental for the implementation of genome editing by our Member States.