ICGEB Alumni Meeting

27-28 November 2023, New Delhi, India 

It is a matter of pride that ICGEB has completed almost four decades of its existence and scientific excellence. ICGEB is organising its second Alumni Meet, which will be jointly hosted by all the three ICGEB Components (New Delhi, Trieste, and Cape Town) from November 27- 28, 2023 at the ICGEB, New Delhi Component.

The meeting will allow us to recognise our alumni who have been successful in their careers and will provide an opportunity to meet with their former mentors. It will further highlight the achievements of ICGEB alumni and represent their contributions to science and society. It will also provide a platform for our current and past students and staff to interact.

Close to 100 participants from host and Member States are expected. Twenty-six Guest Speakers from the three components will present their current work and recount their experience at ICGEB as a student. Additionally, six guest speakers from ICGEB will speak about alternate career options besides research.  There will be a poster presentation by current ICGEB, New Delhi students, as well a brainstorming session dedicated to the Alumni, who will discuss ways to keep the connection between annual cohorts, to keep this association alive and shape the format of future alumni meetings.

A separate session will be held for the current students to directly interact with ICGEB alumni.  All “ICGEBians” are set for the great events.

ICGEB is consolidating actions for the Alumni to come together periodically and participate in a free-flow exchange of ideas on science, and to contribute towards the further development of ICGEB.

Following the Alumni pilot meeting held at the New Delhi Component on 25 November 2022, where over 60 alumni came together from across world regions, a major ICGEB Alumni meeting is scheduled to take place on 27-28 November, 2023.

This meeting will bring together prominent alumni from the three Components to further consolidate ICGEB’s International Network of Enterprise Specialists.

The event will also mark 40 years from the establishment of the Organisation in 1983.

Our Alumni are the measure of our success and having with us so many leading scientists coming from all over the world will be a wonderful occasion. I personally cannot wait to see again many colleagues and friends and to see the great impact that their work is making for the benefit of mankind. – Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General