ICGEB Alumni Meeting

27-29 November 2023, New Delhi, India 

ICGEB is consolidating actions for the Alumni to come together periodically and participate in a free-flow exchange of ideas on science, and to contribute towards the further development of ICGEB.

Following the Alumni pilot meeting held at the New Delhi Component on 25 November 2022, where over 60 alumni came together from across world regions, a major ICGEB Alumni meeting is scheduled to take place on 27-29 November, 2023.

This meeting will bring together prominent alumni from the three Components to consolidate ICGEB’s International Network of Enterprise Specialists.

The event will include panel discussions, keynote addresses and meet & greet sessions. This meeting is an opportunity for Alumni to reflect on how ICGEB has directed their careers and how it might continue to do so, through the valuable ICGEB alumni network.

The event will also mark 40 years from the establishment of the Organisation in 1983.