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ICGEB Alumni Meet in Delhi

ICGEB is celebrating 35 years of operation! ICGEB has contributed immensely in imparting knowledge to the developing world with the critical mass of well-trained researchers across diverse areas of science.

As the Organisation has grown, the number of alumni who honed their scientific expeditions from this institution has increased exponentially.

ICGEB alumni have done exceptionally well in their chosen fields over the years across the globe. With a view to creating a platform that allows ICGEB alumni to come together periodically and participate in the free-flow exchange of ideas on science, vision and to contribute towards the development of ICGEB, the New Delhi Component has organised a one-day Alumni Meeting to take place on Friday, 25 November 2022, with over 40 alumni in attendance. Speakers from Colombia, Italy, Kenya, the Philippines, Singapore, USA, and Vietnam will be joining those from across the Indian Continent.

The meeting will be streamed live from the ICGEB New Delhi Auditorium with additional alumni attending from Nigeria, Peru, the UK, and the USA. Take this opportunity to Get in Touch and reunite with ICGEB Alumni!


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