ICGEB Alumna Dr. Nada Abdel Aziz awarded African Academy of Sciences ARISE Fellowship

ICGEB Alumni, Dr Nada Abdel Aziz from Egypt, is the recipient of The African Academy of Sciences African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence (ARISE) Fellowship.

The African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence (ARISE) fellowships are aimed at building the capacity of African researchers, particularly early-career scientists, to deliver cutting-edge research in contribution to efforts being made towards the transformation of Africa into a knowledge-based and innovation-led continent‘ – AAS. Dr Abdel Aziz’s ARISE Project is on the role of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells in the control of schistosomiasis-induced liver fibro-granulomatous inflammation.

Dr Nada Abdel Aziz joined the ICGEB Cytokines and Disease Research Group in ICGEB Cape Town in 2016 from Cairo University as a recipient of an ICGEB Arturo Falaschi Predoctoral Fellowship. She obtained her PhD through the University of Cape Town in 2018. Her doctoral work focused on the role Interleukin-4 receptor alpha-signalling pathway on Foxp3+ regulatory T cells to control helminth-induced tissue damage. Thereafter she completed her ICGEB Arturo Falaschi Postdoctoral Fellowship. Her work has been focused on immune regulation against helminth-induced tissue destruction.

Dr Abdel Aziz is currently a Lecturer at the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt and continues to work closely with ICGEB Cape Town on her ARISE Fellowship Project.

Dr Nada Abdel Aziz with Prof Felix Dakora, President of the African Academy of Sciences