ICGEB 27th Annual Symposium at the Trieste MIB School of Management

This year the ICGEB held its 27th Symposium: the annual event bringing together all our students, scientists and researchers to present their latest results, network, and interact across all disciplines.

The Twenty-seventh Annual Symposium of the ICGEB took place on 6 and 7 July, 2022 at the Trieste MIB School of Management. The two-day “academic retreat”, with ICGEB PhD students chairing the sessions, covered the following areas of research: Virology, Cell Signalling, Cancer Biology, Non-communicable Diseases, Host response to disease, Cardiovascular Biology and mechanisms of disease, as well as hosting the final conference of the COVID-19 project with Moldova.

With forty talks by speakers from 30 nationalities, the symposium represents a unique opportunity for researchers, scientists and technical experts who work in the Trieste laboratories to network and to become familiar with the many ongoing research projects.

The event takes the form of an international conference, thus making it possible for students to resume live interaction with their colleagues and peers in a semi-formal setting, and incentivise young minds to further their research interests.

The traditional get-together party, marking the end of the official academic year, took place after the second day of the symposium in the form of an informal aperitif. The #ICGEBFunRun will resume for our next editions.

Download the Programme and follow the event on social media: #ICGEBsymposium #ICGEBalumni