ICGEB symposium

ICGEB 25th Annual Symposium – in Trieste this week

This year marks the 25th ICGEB Symposium: an annual event bringing together all our students, scientists, and researchers to present their latest results, to network and interact across all disciplines.

Despite current distancing restrictions, the Twenty-fifth Symposium of ICGEB will take place on Tuesday, 28 July 2020. This year the meeting will be online, while speakers and Group Leaders will be live in the Seminar Room.

This edition includes three special “TED Talks”, aimed at allowing a deeper insight into the research activities carried out at the Centre for all, presented by Giannino Del Sal, Serena Zacchigna and Alessandro Marcello.

Sessions are chaired by PhD students and cover four areas of research: cancer mechanisms and therapy, disease mechanisms and therapies, plant and human pathogens, and a session on viruses, entitled “not just Covid..”.

Download the Programme and follow the event on social media: #ICGEBsymposium #ICGEBalumni

The traditional #ICGEBFunRun and get-together party, marking the end of the official academic year, will resume for our next editions.