High Throughput Screening libraries


siRNA libraries

Aiming at providing the best available RNA interference technology with maximum flexibility, the HTS Facility at the ICGEB offers to researchers both a human and a mouse whole-genome siRNA library. These libraries are composed of pools of 4 different siRNAs per gene (siGENOME SMARTPool technology, Dharmacon). The availability of both a human and a mouse genome-wide siRNA libraries substantially decreases researchers constrains when choosing the most relevant cellular model for the biological problem under investigation.

In addition to the genome-wide siRNA libraries, several smaller siRNA sub-libraries are available for screening.

Complete list of siRNA libraries available for screening at the HTS Facility:


Number of
gene targets
List of
gene targets
Mouse G protein-coupled receptors
Mouse protein kinases
Mouse drug targets
Mouse whole-genome
Human STE kinases
Human tyrosine kinases
Human ubiquitin conjugation subset 1
Human ubiquitin conjugation subset 2
Human ubiquitin conjugation subset 3
Human protein phosphatases
Human ion channels
Human G protein-coupled receptors
Human proteases
Human protein kinases
Human drug targets
Human whole-genome

microRNA libraries

Human libraries of synthetic microRNA mimics and microRNA inhibitors (miRIDIAN technology, Dharmacon) are available at the ICGEB HTS Facility. Each library comprises the 988 mature sequences annotated in miRBase v.13.0. Click here the full list
An updated version of the human microRNA mimics library (2,042 mature sequences, miRBase v.19.0) is also available. Click here for the full list.

Small Compound libraries

A library of 640 FDA approved drugs (Screen-Well FDA Approved Drug Library, Enzo Life Sciences) is also available for screening. The library contains clinically-relevant pharmacophores, carefully selected to maximize chemical and pharmacological diversity, and therefore constitutes an ideal starting point for drug repurposing or repositioning studies. Click here for the full list.

Custom libraries

Cherry-picking and screening of a particular set of gene targets, microRNAs (mimics and/or inhibitors) or small compounds is also possible when the libraries available at the HTS Facility do not fulfil researchers needs, as well as to perform secondary screenings to validate “positives” from primary screenings.
Library management
Microsoft Access database (developed in-house)
Barcoded microplates (code128 14-digit human readable barcodes)

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