Graciela L. Boccaccio

Monday, 1 October 2018 | 12:00 noon

RNA Cell Biology Lab., Instituto LeloirBuenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Novel regulators of stress granule’s dynamics

(Host: F. Benvenuti)

Stress granules (SGs) are cytosolic bodies containing repressed mRNAs that belong to a growing family of“membrane-less organelles”. SGs form transiently during the cellular response to stress and are related to protein aggregates linked to neurodegeneration. SG formation is conserved from yeast to humans and by means of a high-throughput RNAi screen performed in Drosophila cells we identified novel regulators of SG assembly and dissolution. Among other cellular functions, stress signaling pathways, autophagy and translation regulation were confirmed to affect SG’s dynamics in both insect and mammalian cells.