Giulia RUOZI

Opportunity Evaluation Manager, Biotech Team – Global Strategy & Corporate Development – Chiesi Farmaceutici

External innovation in Pharma: Opportunity for scientific professionals to create a bridge between science and business

Host: L. Banks

A pharma company offers several possible career paths, including technical roles, but also managing and strategic positions and the business scientist is one of these.
Biopharma industry is witnessing a clear shift from in-house drug development to a model based on partnering or acquisitions of externally generated products. Biotech companies are filling the “innovation gap” and most new drugs recently approved originated from small biotech companies but were then led to approval and commercialization by mid-size or big pharma. In this context, the opportunities for professionals with a solid scientific background, able to keep pace with latest innovation, to evaluate gap and strengths of novel drugs and to speak different languages, including the business one, are rapidly increasing. Scientific scrutiny of opportunities is essential for all the deals that pharma companies do and, in a landscape where many different and innovative technologies are growing fast, a business scientist combining management and business skills with scientific knowledge is key to support evidence-led decision-making. This type of scientist has the technical knowledge to be credible with both colleagues and competitors, as well as confidence in a business environment constantly evolving.

About the speaker:

PhD, is manager of the Opportunity Evaluation Group within Global Strategy and Corporate Development in Chiesi Farmaceutici. Through strong links with Research & Development and Business Development activities, the main aim of her job is to create a bridge between Science and Business, working on scientific evaluation of novel potential opportunities for in-licensing or acquisition, facilitating the entry of new scientifically-valid compounds into the future pipeline and portfolio of the Company. Her team works on the establishment of research collaborations, in-licensing and M&A with either Biotech companies or Academia with a focus on projects in development (from research up to registration) across Chiesi core strategic areas. Directly involved in the activities which have led to the signature of agreements with partners developing biologics and mRNA therapeutics, she is the referent for the evaluation of advanced therapeutic products.

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