Wednesday, 28 April 2021 | 12:00 noon

Head of Molecular Liver Pathophysiology Unit Department of Life Sciences – University of Trieste Trieste, ITALY

Physicochemical properties of extracellular matrix: Key to function, Clue to mechanism

(Host: G. Del Sal)

Dr. Sorrentino’s research is oriented at understanding the fundamental principles that regulate epithelial stem cell homeostasis, with the ultimate goal of translating this knowledge to design innovative disease models and regenerative medicine therapies. In particular, he is interested in understanding how nutritional cues coordinate metabolic communication within the enterohepatic system to control stemness and disease development. These basic biological questions are approached by combining mouse models, tissue engineering, and 3D organotypic cultures. The seminar will discuss mechanisms of nutrient sensing in intestinal stem cells, innovative strategies to derive clinical grade hepatic organoids as well as multidisciplinary approaches to model chronic liver diseases ex vivo.