Gianluca PETRIS

Principal Staff Scientist – Generative and Synthetic, Genomics, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Wellcome, Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK

From gene editing to genome synthesis: the growing ambitions of genome engineering

Host: A. Muro

In the last decade, the CRISPR revolution has transformed our ability to investigate,

modify and understand genes, leading to develop promising treatments for several

diseases. However, the ambitions of genome engineering are growing beyond gene

editing. The emerging field of genome synthesis aims to build and control entire

genomes across the whole tree of life, holding the potential to revolutionize fields

like medicine, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. This talk will explore

the evolution of genome engineering, from the gene editing advancements to the

large-scale approaches and revolutionary applications of genome synthesis. I will

also delve into the ethical challenges emerging from developing the ability to build

genomes and explore possible ways to address them responsibly.

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