ICGEB-DBT Workshop “Hands-on training for High-throughput Gene cloning, eukaryotic expression and FACS sorting”

30 May – 7 June 2022, New Delhi, India – Dates revised

Dhiraj Kumar (ICGEB New Delhi, India) and Federica Benvenuti (ICGEB Trieste, Italy)

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In collaboration
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Biological science is a rapidly growing field, which generate large amount of data every day. We need to develop high-throughput system which can complement these data with fast experimental validations. In this workshop we will give 10 days Hands on training for high-throughput molecular cloning, eukaryotic expression and sorting to keep pace with the evolving times.


Introduction to Cloning, Conventional and Gateway cloning, Transfections for Eukaryotic expression, FACS sorting of transfected cells.


Attendance is limited to 30 participants, 15 seats are reserved to Indian participants, 15 seats will be available for ICGEB Member State nationals residing outside of India. The Workshop is open to MSc students, Graduate students, Postdocs and Young faculty.


There is no registration fee involved. No travel support can be provided. Local expanses like stay and hospitality would be covered by the workshop.

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