Functional Cell Biology Group joins Trieste

Dr. Luca Braga has joined ICGEB Trieste as Group Leader to head the Functional Cell Biology laboratory.

Following two years as Research Associate and Scientific Coordinator of the High Throughput Screening (HTS) facility at the School of Cardiovascular Medicine and Sciences, King’s College London, UK, and three years prior to this coordinating the HTS facility at ICGEB, Dr. Luca Braga returns to Trieste to take up the position of Group Leader of the Functional Cell Biology laboratory.

The research focus of the Group is the systematic use of innovative High Throughput Screening (HTS)-based approaches to dissect complex biological processes, both in normal and pathological conditions. “Our research focus is on respiratory diseases and regenerative medicine,  with a specific interest on lung idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF): a chronic, progressive Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) with unknown aetiology in which gradual fibrotic scarring of the lungs leads to usual interstitial lung pneumonia (UIP).

Based on his expertise in functional genomics and in response to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, work has supported research both across the ICGEB labs, including Molecular Pathology, Human Molecular Genetics, Immunology, and across European research institutes.

Having obtained his PhD in Biological Sciences in the Molecular Medicine laboratory at ICGEB, Luca Braga holds a MSc in Functional Genomics, from the University of Trieste, and a BSc in Medical Biotechnologies from the University of Milan.

ICGEB is delighted to have Luca Braga as part of the international scientific faculty of the Organisation.