Dr. Sonti visits the Field Station in various R&D areas including indigenisation of Tulip bulbs, Lavender farming and Precision Agriculture.

From the field in India

Dr. Ramesh V. Sonti, Director, ICGEB New Delhi visited field stations in Kashmir this month.

Among other locations, Dr. Sonti visited the Herbal Garden in Daksum, Kashmir, where more than 50 endangered medicinal plants from Rajpariyan and Sinthan Top, South Kashmir are being conserved in situ.

Dr. Sonti congratulated Mr. Showkat Ahmad and his team from the Jammu & Kashmir Forest Department working under the supervision of DFO, Anantnag Division, Mr. Mudasir Mehmood, for the extraordinary efforts at conserving these priceless plants.

The lavender field in full bloom at the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine Bonera field station in Kashmir made for a wonderful backdrop for Dr. Sonti’s visit, where discussions were held with Dr. Shahid Rasool and his team.

Dr. Sonti appreciated the work underway at the Field Station in various areas of Research & Development, including the indigenisation of Tulip bulbs, Lavender farming, and Precision Agriculture. Possibilities for research collaboration with ICGEB were also discussed.