From the Director-General

The Director-General, Dr. Lawrence Banks reports on the recent Governance meetings and milestones in Outreach for ICGEB.

April and May are always extremely busy for ICGEB and this year was no exception. The Council of Scientific Advisors convened in New Delhi in April. Whilst still in a hybrid format, we were extremely grateful to all those who could travel and see the wonderful work that is being done in ICGEB New Delhi at first hand. This also provided a fantastic opportunity to meet with all the ICGEB Fellows who are working in the labs and all of us – faculty and CSA – were enthused by the enthusiasm and quality of our
young researchers coming from all over the world.

The CSA were unanimous in their praise of the work of the Component and in particular in the
wonderful leadership provided by Dr. Dinakar Salunke. ICGEB is deeply indebted to all of our CSA Members for the remarkable work they do for the Organisation and we all extend heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Mariano Garcia Blanco on his election to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Hard on the heels of the CSA was the Board of Governors Meeting, which unfortunately remained in a virtual format, but which nonetheless was very productive and effective in directing ICGEB’s activities for the coming year. Once again it was clear that ICGEB’s Mission in promoting global development through science and diplomacy has never been more relevant.

Indeed, reaching the broader public  and providing access to information about what science can deliver and combatting myths linked to vaccine hesitancy and GMOs is an essential part of our activities.

In Cape Town we launched the first edition of Science & the City in South Africa, with the topic – Myth Busters: telling fact from fiction being particularly topical – and opening the way for a whole series of similar events on the African Continent. In Trieste the Outreach activity of CurioSA – a project aiming to bring science to young people and educate them about vaccination and health issues – was recognised by the European Union winning the Health Award 2021, for health promotion activities. Congratulations goes out to everyone in Outreach for an extremely successful and rewarding last two months.