From the Director-General

As international networking resumed, delegations from ICGEB HQ have been to India to consolidate renewed collaboration and expansion, to the Middle East, and, this week, will be in Member States in South America.

Science for Development is our mission and is more urgent now than ever. All wars against humanity – viral and otherwise – are a setback for civilisation and its efforts to improve the human condition. We continue to endeavour to deliver on the Global Sustainable Goals through Basic Research and Science Diplomacy, and remain steadfast in our efforts to nurture a brighter and more equitable future through supporting the Life Sciences globally.

Promoting human rights, leaving no one behind: equality and non-discrimination are at the heart of sustainable development. Since December last year, ICGEB has been able to host scientists from Afghanistan in its laboratories in Trieste, Italy, and more recently, in New Delhi, India; it has continued to award Fellowship grants to support education, discovery, and improve lives through scientific endeavour.

Thanks to donors our operations have expanded, through projects and funding being made available by the Governments of Italy (MAECI and AICS), India (DBT) and South Africa (DSI), as well as through partnerships with other Multilateral Organisations and industry. We have established pipelines of Fellowships for scientists from Least Developed Countries, for Women scientists, for South-South Mobility, and for humanitarian crises.

In the International Year of Basic Science for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD2020), ICGEB is committed to using science, and in particular basic molecular biology as a means of attaining the SDGs on multiple levels.

We thank all our Members – and you all – for helping us work to improve global health and nutrition, education, equality, and sustainable, environmentally-friendly industrial development. With your continued help, we can do more.

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