From the Director-General

Reverting, with regret, to remote seasonal greetings, Lawrence Banks summed up the year and delivered his vision for the future to the ICGEB community in December 2021.

“ICGEB as a collective has been doing an amazing job these last two years – and in my opinion is making a real difference in the world. This is particularly marked in our ability to host Fellows once more. This is one of our core missions – to provide education and training to young scientists from all over the world. However, to make this happen during the pandemic has required huge endeavour and commitment – and so I take this opportunity to extend a massive thank you and congratulations to everyone who has worked so tirelessly to make it possible to receive new Fellows in the time of a pandemic – this stretches to all three components and ranges from fundraising, issuing calls, screening applications, and subsequent help with travel, visas, accommodation, quarantine requirements and, ultimately, to induction and training in the labs.”

“The Organisation”, he stated, “is making it possible for many young scientists facing desperately difficult times back home to be able to pursue science in ICGEB, which in turn provides them with the tools to make a difference in the future through their own endeavours”.

“This indeed, forms the basis for this years’ ICGEB Christmas Campaign – where we are seeking donations to extend these activities and in particular to help more young scientists coming from Afghanistan, where we all know they are facing enormous challenges. So please do spread the word about our humanitarian and scientific efforts”.

“Our watchword as we enter 2022 is to be able to use our science and resources to make the world a better place as we all hope for a brighter and happier 2022”.

In the European Year of Youth we shall continue to honour younger generations through our actions, also by connecting ICGEB Alumni across the globe, supporting and encouraging all young people by promoting opportunities and drawing inspiration from them to nurture a brighter and more equitable future.

In this context we thank all those, including our CSA Members, Alumni, and the members of the public who generously donate to support our initiatives.

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