From the Director-General – featuring our May Newsletter

May, 2021: This month we celebrate the power of science and its resilience within ICGEB during the current health crisis.

As can be seen from our latest Annual Report, during 2020 ICGEB laboratories posted a record number of publications in top-class international journals, testifying to the incredible commitment of the scientists and administration in making science possible and effective under the most difficult of circumstances.

In this last month we are proud of two ground-breaking studies identifying novel therapeutics for the treatment of Covid19; one of which was published in Nature, and a second that defines novel therapeutic applications for cancer therapy, based upon re-activation of the immune response, published in Nature Communications.

A major recent development has been the approval by OECD-DAC of the new list of ODA-eligible International Organisation, Annex II, in which ICGEB for the first time has been recognised as an Organisation dedicated to supporting international development, through scientific cooperation. This testifies to the tremendous efforts that ICGEB has been making to ensure that science delivers benefits for all mankind. Furthermore, it also ensures that countries that support ICGEB financially can be assured that this support is considered as development assistance, and therefore it opens up many new areas for potential collaboration.

Last, but not least, our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues at ICGEB in India, with whom we stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against Covid19. We remember at this time Dr. Mohd Asad, Research Associate, for his contribution to the Parasite Cell Biology Group of ICGEB New Delhi.

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