SMART Fellowships

Guidelines and Application Form

The ICGEB SMART Fellowship programme promotes the Scientific Mobility for Advanced Research Training for researchers between ICGEB Member States as a way of enhancing skill development, acquisition of specific hands-on training in new technologies and increasing cooperation in science and technology and should show clear evidence of strong collaboration between the two laboratories.

Closing Dates for Applications:

To Apply

The programme promotes the mobility of researchers between ICGEB Member States as a way of enhancing skill development, acquisition of specific hands-on training in technologies available in the receiving laboratory and increasing bilateral cooperation in science and technology, and should show clear evidence of strong collaboration between the two laboratories. 

Applicants should focus on the impact for the fellow’s career, the benefit to the applicant’s home laboratory and the suitability of the receiving laboratory. 

Subject area

Applications are welcome in any area of the Life Sciences.


The call is open to nationals of ICGEB Member States and provides fellowships to scientists in the early stage of their career wishing to spend between 3 and 9 months at a research institution in an ICGEB Member State other than their own. SMART Fellowships are intended to promote collaboration among researchers in ICGEB Member countries. Mobility support to laboratories located in Italy, India and South Africa can be considered under exceptional circumstances and only if the research activity proposed is not covered by one of the ICGEB laboratories in Trieste, New Delhi or Cape Town. If the latter case applies, please see ICGEB Arturo Falaschi Short-term fellowships programme. There is no age limit.

However, preference is given to young scientists at the beginning of their research career.Applicants should be either registered for a PhD or have obtained their PhD degree within the last 5 years and be actively working in a research Institution.

Young scientists holding an MSc or equivalent can apply. SMART Fellowships support mobility between laboratories located in Member States. Awards are not intended to prolong visits begun under other auspices; to support participation in courses, workshops or symposia or as bridging fellowships between, or prior to, long term stays funded by ICGEB or other organizations.

Terms and Benefits

Awards are for a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 9 months. The fellowship covers international economy return travel, health insurance plus subsistence of the fellow only. The stipend ranges from US$ 800 to 1,500 per month according to local conditions in the receiving country and seniority of the applicant. Additionally, a US$ 500 monthly bench fee can be paid directly to the receiving laboratory based on the recommendation of the ICGEB Fellowships Committee.The fellowship stipend will be paid by bank transfer directly to the fellow’s bank account. Upon joining the receiving laboratory, ICGEB will transfer the bench fee allocation to the receiving laboratory, which will be responsible for the management of the funds and the certification of expenditures to ICGEB. The receiving laboratory is expected ensure that adequate provisions are in place for the specific research project and to make the bench fee allocation available to the ICGEB SMART Fellow immediately, free from any administrative overhead costs. ICGEB makes no financial provision, nor can it provide administrative support for family members of participants in the programme.

Bench fee

The bench fee allowance paid in the framework of the ICGEB SMART fellowship is a contribution to the implementation of the research project proposal presented by the candidate. The receiving laboratory is expected to use the entire bench fee allocation to the benefit of the approved research-training programme.

Any unspent balance left will have to be returned to ICGEB. Funds can only be used to cover the purchase of laboratory consumables that that are directly related to the SMART Fellow’s research activities including:  general labware, cryoware, glassware and plasticware, chemicals and reagents, cell culture consumables, pipettes and pipette tips, microplates PCR and qPCR consumables. The following items are not considered eligible costs: Costs of maintenance, repair, running or insurance of existing assets belonging to the Host Institute; Purchase of equipment, office furniture or fittings; Computer hardware or software; Office stationary; Travel costs; Literature; Administrative costs, and overhead expenses of the Institute Bank charges. 


The ICGEB Fellowships Selection Committee will evaluate complete applications received by the closing date. The candidates will be notified of the outcome by e-mail as soon as possible following the closing date for applications.The main criteria for selection include scientific excellence of the project, the qualities of the candidate’s CV and the impact on the his/her career, the potential benefit for the home and the host country, competence, skills and equipment available in the receiving laboratory. ICGEB will positively value any additional support provided by the receiving institute to the fellow’s living expenses (i.e. a direct contribution for living expenses, guest house accommodation, etc.)


Please complete the application on line.
Only one application per call is accepted for each candidate.

Documents to be uploaded

Please note that you will be requested to upload the following documents (pdf files):
(i) Your full CV
(ii) The full CV of the Head of the Receiving Laboratory (complete with list of publications)
(iii) A valid identification document (passport or identity card)

Note on Home and Receiving Laboratories

Please note that after you provide the requested details on the Home and Receiving laboratories in the dedicated section on the online application, an automatic notification with a dedicated link will be sent to the Head of the Home lab and to the Head of the Receiving lab asking them to confirm and complete the data you entered by the closing date of the call.
Please note that applications without this section completed by both labs by the set deadline will not be considered for the selection. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to submit your application well in advance to allow timely completion from both Home and Receiving laboratories.

Final report

Successful candidate will jointly prepare a final scientific report with the host supervisor highlighting the achievements attained during the period of the Fellowship. The host Institute will submit a signed financial statement reporting the expenditure covered by the bench fee allowance received.


Is my Country and/or my Institute eligible for funding? How do I obtain the required endorsement? Who is the Liaison Officer for my country? How do I contact him/her? Find answers to these and other FAQ on this page.

Member States may also request targeted Awareness Workshops to be held for the scientific community in their country, where participants can interact with ICGEB scientists and obtain specific information on CRP grants and fellowships.