Symposium: To learn Experimental Sciences, students have to do Scientific Experiments – ONLINE EVENT

26 – 28 April 2021

Jorge E. Allende (RELAB, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile)

The meeting constitutes a follow up to the “International Conference for Improving the Learning of Biology and Related Experimental Sciences at the K-12 Levels”, held in Santiago, Chile on 14-15 April 2016
The ICGEB is happy to contribute again to this valuable initiative aimed at increasing commitment of young students towards scientific careers and opening new possibilities of cooperation.

Experimental lesson plans are a corner stone of many education systems and the implementation of mobile labs has the potential to generate these same approaches in places with fewer resources. In this initiative the students are trained to understand the experimental sciences to actually perform scientific experiments using Portable Laboratories. The focus on microbes and plants allows many experiments to be done without the need of complex instrumentation or expensive reagents.

The programme will address the recent progress made in scientific outreach to secondary schools, aiming at improving the teaching-learning process in molecular and genomic biology through the theoretical and practical professional development of biology teachers and secondary school university students.
The inclusion of the scientific staff in the programme will provide an avenue to further improve and possibly extend the programme to other areas.

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