Symposium: To learn Experimental Science, students must learn to do Experiments using the Scientific Method to answer questions that Nature presents us – ONLINE EVENT

27 April 2021

Jorge E. Allende (RELAB, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile)

The meeting constitutes a follow up to the “International Conference for Improving the Learning of Biology and Related Experimental Sciences at the K-12 Levels”, held in Santiago, Chile on 14-15 April 2016 and is organised as a parallel activity of the Forum for Science and Technology organised by the Unesco Regional Office for Science and Technology in Latin America and The Caribbean (ROSTLAC) on 26-28 April 2021.

Due to the current international restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, the Forum will be held in a completely virtual mode and presentations will be conducted in Spanish or Portuguese. Registrations to participate are open free of charge at

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