Erick MORA

Friday, 21 October 2022 | 12.00 noon – ICGEB Trieste, ITALY

Team Lead DSP Development, Roche Diagnostics GmbH DSRRAD, Penzberg, GERMANY

How to jump from a Ph.D. in academia to industry? My Roche experience

(Host: S. Zacchigna)

What to do after a Ph.D. and how to find a job in the pharmaceutical industry are common questions between students looking for new opportunitties outside academia. The first step of transitioning out is identifying clear career goals and interests before launching a job search. It is very important that junior researchers who are considering a job in the industry sector develop as soon as possible the skills that will be attractive to hiring managers. This is something that you need to seek training for. Things like improving your team work skills, having trainings in time management, developing your leadership capabilities or even having a business lunch and make real business connections are just a few points that can boots your profile. Beyond your area of expertise, getting a Ph.D. can just turn out to the beginning of a whole new challenge: getting a job. In my experience, I started as a postdoctoral scientist and now I lead a downstream process development team in Research & Development department at Roche Diagnostics. We are a multidisciplinary team developing and implementing innovative up and downstream process technologies for the production of biological reagents to enable the development of best in class diagnostic solutions. We are proud of our team spirit and our thirst for knowledge to stay at the forefront of research and development.