Institute of Biochemistry, University of Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

Wednesday, 17 April 2019 | 12:00 noon

Decoding and Perturbation of Pathological Signaling Circuits

(Host: E. Buratti)

Cellular signal transmission requires the dynamic formation of spatiotemporally controlled molecular interactions. At the cell surface information is received by receptor complexes and relayed through intracellular signaling platforms (=signalosomes) which organize the actions of functionally interacting signaling enzymes and substrates. I will discuss different strategies how to analyze molecular interactions which are critical for signal propagation in physiological and pathological settings: (i) First, we discuss how to analyze molecular interactions of deregulated RAS:RAF complexes in melanoma cell lines which are therapeutically targeted by mutation specific kinase-cancer drugs (= KinCon reporter toolbox). (ii) Second, I present recent data how kinase activities may affect RNA-binder functions (= iCLIP technology).

(iii) Third, I plan to present a systems biology based approach how to identify novel connections of cAMP-sensingkinasesincontrollingderegulatedmetabolicfunctionsincoloncancercellslineswhich harbor activating mutations in the cAMP-kinase signaling pathway (= kinase interaction network).

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