Cellular Immunology lab

AIRC funding for 5-year project at ICGEB Trieste

Federica Benvenuti, Cellular Immunology Group Leader and her team receive five-year funding from the Italian Associaton for Research on Cancer AIRC.

Mobilising the immune system to fight malignant cells is one of the most innovative therapeutic options that has emerged in recent years. Full exploitation of these novel cures requires a deeper understanding of the mechanism by which tumors evade recognition by the immune system.

At ICGEB, the Cellular Immunogy lab work on a specialised cellular subtype, dendritic cells, that is essential to recognise and initiate immune responses to tumors. The Group has been recently awarded a 5 years grant from AIRC to unravel the mechanisms causing suppression of dendritic cells and to identify tools to rescue their activity in tumors.

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