University of Siena and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Siena, ITALY

Tuesday 25 May 2021 | 10:00 am – ICGEB Trieste, ITALY

Robotics and Haptics: a Wearable Perspetive

Host: S. Zacchigna

rofessor of Robotics and Haptics at University of Siena; Senior Scientist of the IIT in Genova; Co- founder of two startups: WEART and EXISTO on wearable robotics; IEEE Fellow; Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Haptics; President of Eurohaptics society. Human and robotic hands, along with haptic perception and the art of manipulating objects, have polarized his research, which is increasingly oriented towards highly wearable robotics and wearable haptics. Scientific Coordinator of several research projects funded by European Union, USA and Japan. In 2015 he pioneered the field of human augmentation with the robotic sixth finger to support patients with paretic limbs. In 2020 he co-authored the Springer book on Augmenting Human Manipulation Abilities with Supernumerary Robotic Limbs. He has been recognized with the award of Italia degli Innovatori from Italian Government at EXPO Shanghai 2010. He is the author of more than 500 publications in scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. He is the inventor of more than 10 patents filed on robotics, haptics and wearables.

In this talk we will discuss the main challenges of human-centered technologies and I will present our current research activity developed in Siena, IIT and more recently with the team of Prof. Paolo Valigi in Perugia on human augmentation and human-human communication enabled by wearable robotics and wearable haptics.